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Let us imagine Cosette cutting and donating her hair for charity and Valjean trying not to get too upset because of how much it makes her look like Fantine

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[Professorfangirl in response to the oft-used (read: overused) interpretation of Romeo and Juliet wherein they’re both just stupid adolescents making stupid decisions]

Sure, if you read it as a documentary, it’s an after-school special cautionary tale. But it’s not a documentary. And it’s not just about love, it’s about the freedom of Juliet to choose whom she loves. Before Romeo gets up that balcony, she’s already in love. (“My only love sprung from my only hate!/Too early seen unknown, and known too late!” See there? Juliet’s constantly talking about knowledge—she is the furthest thing from a “stupid bitch.”) And yes, it’s “unrealistic” that they fell in love in the course of a dance party, but that’s the point: Shakespeare’s writing about how this brilliant girl can take this foolish boy and turn their youthful infatuation into real love through the power of her language. Because lemme tell you something: when Shakespeare, the poet who made worlds with words, writes about someone who creates love or moves people with language, then that character is really really important, and really really powerful. (See also Cleopatra, Viola, Prospero, Lady Macbeth, In light of all this, calling Juliet a stupid bitch is pretty fucking misogynist. (Not to mention unclear on the concept of art, which is valuable precisely because it can tell unrealistic stories representing deep human truths.)
I have to say that in the end its sounds an awful lot like you’re defending arranged marriage for a free-minded young woman. And that’s a reality I would just as soon do without.

The wonderful professor and tumblrer professorfangirl, on Romeo and Juliet (via patroclusfellfirst)
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